iCloud Unlock

A few words about iCloud Unlocker V2
iCloud Unlock

Yes this tool really “unlocks” your iPhone or iPad from iCloud, however the unlock is not permanent and does come back after restoring your iDevice in iTunes. Always make a backup!
Apple devices

We actually really do love all the Apple products, MacBooks, AppleTV’s, iPhone’s, iPad’s, … We all love them but with an iCloud lock they’re useful. That’s why we searched and found a workaround also known as iCloud exploit.
Carrier Signal

As you all may know, bypassing the iCloud screen is one step in the good direction but there is more to do. Bypassing the activation lock with an exploit does net (yet) guarantee carrier signal.
Download Updates

The tool uses an exploit to bypass your iPhone’s (or iPad’s) activation lock, this exploit currently works on all iOS firmware and devices. Unfortunately Apple fights the exploits so we’ll keep fighting back! Make sure you upgrade your unlock tool once in a while.
iCloud Removal Tool on iOS
Our tools are currently compatible with ALL iOS 7.x versions up to iOS 7.1.1 all iOS 8 beta versions up to iOS 8.0 beta 2.