How To Bypass iOS 7.0-iOS 8.2 Apple and iCloud Activation For All DEVICES

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How to do it:
1. Edit hosts file Mac/Windows:……
2. On your iDevice follow the activation steps until the message of icloud activation lock appears.
3. Open iTunes and Plug your iDevice on the USB port and accept the messages and validate the errors.
4.You’ll be asked by iTunes to accept unsecured albert in the middle of the process. Just accept that.
5.When you got an error on iTunes, click OK, and finish the activation steps on your device.
6.Finish the activation on your iDevice and re-plug the device again so it can be recognized by iTunes.
7. Congratulations you have successfully bypassed apple/icloud activation.

Working Server iP’s:

Full tutorials on how to do the steps above:………

Sim-lock error fixes:


1. Restart your Activation locked iPhone without a Sim Card.

2. Your iPhone may state “Activation Required”. Just “slide to unlock”.

3. “No SIM Card Installed” pop up will show. Just press “OK”.

4. Choose a Wi-Fi Network again. Press “Next”

5. “SIM Required” Screen will show.

6. Insert your Sim Card with SIM PIN.

7. “SIM Locked” screen will pop up. Just press “Unlock”.

8. “Enter PIN” screen will show. Enter “0000” then “OK”. Warning: If you get the PIN wrong 3 times, you will block your Sim Card and will have to call your Service/Carrier provider to unlock the Sim Card.

9. Watch the screen carefully, it will say “Unlocking…” then “PIN Entry Succeeded”.

10. When “PIN Entry Succeeded” shows on the screen, remove your Sim Card then quickly press “Try Again” then quickly insert the Sim Card again. You must click “Try Again” and insert the sim card VERY fast. If you were too slow, you must try again from Step 6.

11. The home screen and “No SIM Card” message will flash and then go back to the lock screen. This is normal and good!

12. Wait 3 seconds then “slide to unlock”.

13. “SIM Locked” pop will show again. Just press “OK” then press “Try Again”.

14. Congratulations! Hopefully your iPhone will now be activated

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